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Pilot Training Program

So you want to learn how to fly RC Aircraft...
First off, let's get out some of the clich├Ęs:
I can learn to fly by looks easy...birds do it all the time!
Take offs are optional...landings are mandatory!
It must have been the radio's fault...or it must have been a glitch...or I got a hit!

Now let's get down to the fun! You are about to enter into a hobby that is fun, exhilarating, relaxing and sometimes even scary, all at the same time! For pilots that are just starting in the hobby, it is essential that you identify an instructor that can teach you how to fly RC. We have instructors that can help you learn how to fly.

You must have a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership to fly at our fields. If you do not have one, you can use this link to the AMA website. Most flying fields across the U.S. are AMA chartered club fields and as such their use requires possession of a current AMA membership and adherence to all provisions of the AMA safety code. Our club is an AMA chartered club so you will need to main both a current club membership and AMA membership to continue flying at our fields in the future. Another nice feature of belonging to AMA, is the insurance that will protect you if you have an accident with your aircraft and another person or their property, this insurance amounts to $2.5 million and is secondary insurance which kicks in AFTER any liability that you might have purchased.  

If you are interested in having an instructor help you learn how to fly, please visit our membership area and review the flying site rules and the ground school guidelines in this website, read them, and then contact one of the TCF club officers who will assist by placing you in contact with TCF member instructor. We look forward to you joining our club and learning how to fly with us!