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Tri-City Flyers Model Airplane Club

Seguin, Kingsbury & Universal City, Texas

Our History

Seguin Auxiliary Field Agreements

  • The Tri-City Flyers(TCF)  was formed, and chartered by the AMA, in the early 1970's. Radio control model airplane flying at the USAF Seguin Auxiliary Field started in late 1971. This was accomplished for eight years on only a verbal agreement between successive Randolph AFB base operations officers and various TCF personnel.
  • As a result of an Air Force Inspector General requiremet in 1980, successful paperwork was accomplished to grant TCF status as a Randolph AFB affiliated Private Organization (RE 12ABG/SS letter, 28 Oct 80 and 12FTW/DO letter, 13 Nov 80). This necessitated the club by-laws be rewritten as a constitution and coordinated with Randolph AFB. This was finalized in May 1981 with COL Donald A. Rigg, Base Commander and LtCol Russ Snyder (USAF Ret.), TCF President, being the original signatories.
  • The Randolph AFB/TCF Letter of Agreement (LOA), 25 May 89, was an outgrowth of the original LOA drawn up between Randolph AFB and the AMA for the 1981 National Model Airplane Championships, held at the Seguin Auxiliary Field 2 thru 9 Aug 1981. Similar agreements were activated for the FAI Free Flight Nationals, which were held on September 1984 and October 1988. These two competitions were staged to select the 1985 and 1989 teams to represent the United States in world competition.
  • Not only was the original LOA accomplished by 12FTW/DOO (L/COL Val Taylor) and the President of TCF, but TCF coordinated on all LOA updates, including the 25 May 89 one, now affecting not only special events, but also day-to-day operations.
  • Free Flight: Free flight activities began at Seguin in November 1977. As of this date, 26 of TCF's members are extremely active in this endeavor. TCF sponsors three major free flight contest each year, all being well attended and receiving nationwide acclaim. As a matter of fact, one of TCF's Juniors (under 15 years of age) made the U.S. Junior Free Flight Team and place fourth in world competition at Mostar, Yugoslavia in August 1990. TCF free flight flyers compete nationwide.
  • The TCF "free flighters" are very appreciative of the usage of the Seguin facility. The Seguin Auxiliary field is without a doubt one of the top five available free flight sites in the entire country!
  • Radio Control: On the radio control side of the house, TCF conducts several top notch flying activities every year. These are also well attended, despite being more sport in nature than "go for broke" competition.
  • The Spirit of Cooperation: We are a cohesive group, realizing that radio control and free flight models are truly different "birds." Interaction is not a problem, though free flight does require a "bit" of real estate for model retrieval. Our TCF flying directives are well thought out and stress overall safety to the utmost. Coordination with the agricultural lessee has never been a problem. Mr. A.A. Missildine (lessee from 1977 through 1990) assisted TCF whenever he could. His successor, Mr. Ray Bush, appeared cooperative, but we had no dealings with him since he was seldom present on weekends. However, he was notified of 1990/1991 contest activities to which he gave his verbal blessings in each and every case.
  • TCF has supported Randolph AFB's Air Fiesta with static displays and/or radio control flying for the past 15 years. Additionally, TCF has been a major financial contributor to Randolph AFB's portion of the yearly Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) since fall of 1981.


--Russell C. Snyder, Jr., 22 Nov 1991 Tri-City Flyers Free Flight representative and member AMA Free Flight Contest Board, District VIII




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Tri City Flyers will be providing a static display at the San Marcos Airport on June 2nd. Our aircraft will be set up inside the CAF hangar. If you wish to bring aircraft for the static display please contact Ed Valls. Check out the club's calendar page to get more information for this and other club events scheduled for this year.